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Calling for Nancy's project in Tokyo


Nancy Nisbet, who is staying at TWS Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence, is currently looking for someone who could participate in her project, "Mobilize Your Dream".

[ About the Artist ]
Nancy Nisbet (Artist, Speaker, Educator)
Lives in Edmonton, Canada. Graduated from California Institute of Arts (MFA).
Hold an exhibition "Subversive Complicity Exhibition" at the Lab Gallery, San Francisco in 2008.

[ HP of the Artist ]

[ Summery of the project ]
Mobilize Your Dreams is a participatory art project using mobile phones.
When people use their mobile phones to talk or to text, there is a shift in the 'presence' of the phone user.
Mobilize Your Dreams is a chance to try something a bit different - it is an experiment in shifting perspective.
Choose a dream for your day
Let your phone become the agent of your dream
Under my care, your phone will go out into the real world and 'live' your dream for the day
While out on your dream day, your phone will call you (on another phone) so you can hear the sounds of your dream in real-time. Photo, video and audio souvenirs of your dream day will be yours and stored in your phone's memory so that you can re-live the dream at any time. Experience one of your dreams, create a personal connection with the artist, and contribute to the creation of an international artwork.
You can choose the place and time to give your phone back from her after your dream day.

Period of the calling: From 11th December, 2008 to 9th January, 2009
Requirements: Those who are interested in Art, able to lend your mobile phone for one day
Participation Fee: Free *The expense except transportation (Tokyo area) is paid by participants.

Those who are interested, please contact

* This is the project by the artist, Nancy Nisbet, and Tokyo Wonder Site cannot take any responsibilities about the project.