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[ Related Event ] Workshop "Momi-nication 5 (New Direction Version )"

*Finished the workshop #1.

"Momi-nication 5 (New Direction Version )"


*Related event of "NEW DIRECTION exp."


The artist Shoji Masaru creates works by using magazines crumpled by hands.
"Momi-nication" is a workshop where we can enjoy communicate while crumpling magazines together with Shoji Masaru.
From children to adults, everybody is welcome to participate.
We will provide magazines but, for the people who would like to crumple their own magazines, please bring them with you.
The crumpled magazines will become part of exhibited works.

Date: 9/6 (Sun.) & 20 (Sun.)  12:00 - 15:00  
Fee: free
Venue: TWS Hongo, 1st floor
 *Possibility to join and leave freely.
 *No English-Japanese interpretation.


Reservation required
Bbook in advance by e-mail or by phone.
Phone number: 03-5689-5331 (TWS Hongo)
*Please, indicate your preferred date of participation, the names of the participants and your contact information.