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[ Tomorrow ] Related event of "NEW DIRECTION exp." Symposium & Workshop

*Finished the symposium & workshop #2.

*Related event of "NEW DIRECTION exp."


Date: 9/20 (Sun.)   *Admission free.


◆16:00 - 18:00 Symposium & Review:  [Programme B]    
                            *Reservation is not required.


 ◆12:00 - 15:00  Workshop:
                            "Momi-nication 5 (New Direction Version)"

                             *Possibility to join and leave freely. 
                             *Reservation is required.

【Reservation required for Workshop】
 Book in advance by e-mail or by phone.
 Phone number: 03-5689-5331 (TWS Hongo)  
*Please indicate your preferred date of participation, the names of the participants and your contact information.