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Announcement of the successful candidates for Research Residency Program and Institutional Recommendation Program 2010!

Thank you very much for your interest in Research Residency Program and Institutional Recommendation Program 2010.

We have selected the follwoing 20 creators as the result of the impartial screening by juries.

Juries' review:

Visual Art

In each program, it is crucial criteria for the juries to judge the points whether the purpose of the residency and residency plan are clear or not.  The way of expression and the hometowns of the successful applicants are varied, but I'm hoping that something new and different will be created through the cultural exchange among the participating creators and residency experience. (Hisako Hara, Professor at Osaka Electro-Communication University)


Performing Art

As an overall review, most of all candidates selected their specialised field as Performing Art are multi disciplinary. Thus it was difficult to select successful candidates in the field of Performing Art by judging only the point of their physicality or transience.  However, the point always has to be considered is the strength of the concept, necessity of the performance and research activity. I would like to hope that the new approach about the the research in Performing Art will be proposed. (Chiaki Soma, Program Director at Arts Network Japan Inc.) 



【Successful candidates】

Research Residency Program

Yukiko Terada (Japan/Germany)

Li Zan (China)

Kyungwon Moon (South Korea)

Ghassan Halawani (Lebanon)

Lucia Momu (Spain)

Eva Noes (Spain)

Vishwa Shroff (India)

Marwa Arsanios (Lebanon)

Jongeun Lim (South Korea)

Yosuke Amemiya (Japan)

Troy Innocent (Australia)

Liang Xing Jin  (China)

Erick Pereira (America)

Chikako Morishita (England)

Volker Morawe (Germany)

Amelia Groom (Australia)

Institutional Recommendation Program

Bertrand Meunier (France)

Olivier Culmann (France)

Denis Bourges (France)

Juha T. Koskinen (Finland)

(In random order)

*The participation of the successful candidates in the above two programs are determined under the condition that a project plan and the budget for the fiscal year 2010 are approved by the board of directors at Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture by 31st March 2010.