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Ei Arakawa Performance: 28 May, Sat. 15:00-16:00 @TWS Shibuya

TWS CiR Open Studio

Tokyo Story 2010 | TWS Shibuya



"Ei Arakawa & Karl Holmqvist 'pOEtry pArk'" (2010) Photo:Polly Braden


Currently, TWS is hosting the exhibition "Tokyo Story 2010" at all the venues in Aoyama, Shibuya, and Hongo.  Ei Arakawa, who participated last year's "International Creator Residency Program", will present a performance at TWS Shibuya this Saturday.




Ei Arakawa with Ayako Oshima, Kaori Otake, Kaori Tooyama, Sayo Tomita, Asami Nagura, Miki Matsumoto presents:


Live Performance:
Mid-Yuming ('80 to '85) and Count Down Stencils


28 May, Sat 15:00-16:00

TWS Shibuya

Free of charge / No reservation required

*Please note that the works of Motoyuki Shitamichi will not be showen in the exhibition space on the day of this performance.


Artist's Statement:

I have 32 minutes and 6 seconds as a tentative duration for the performance. But of course, this is just a mere number. It is a counting down ten to zero, but that's not how we use them. I'd like to have talks with the women employee and part-time job worker at Tokyo Wonder Site, and this might influence the final scenario drastically. Our goal is not completing a stage set (never it was), it could be weird if it will function as a painting at the entrance. We will work with an emphasis on "different mode of emotions" ...




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