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Cancellation Notice of a performance in TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL― SOUND,ART & PERFORMANCE vol.6

Tokyo Experimental Festival -Sound, Art & Performance- vol.6 now announces that "Citymixer" by Navinko with Yu Kuwabara, which has been scheduled at 16:00 on January 15th has, with regret, been canceled. Due to the technical problem, Navinko couldn't continue preparing for the performance. Tokyo Wonder Site sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience. All other programs including "The Perception Opera" by Exotikdot which is scheduled at 17:00 on January 15th will be performed as scheduled.

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【Apology from Participants】
It is with extreme regret that the Navinko team is forced to pull out of the Tokyo Experimental Festival in 2012. Due to a devastating technical malfunction beyond our control, we will not be able to perform as scheduled. We offer our sincerest apologies to the organizers and staff at Tokyo Wonder Site for the disruption to their well planned event, as well as to audience members who were planning to attend our show. We are grateful to both TWS and the public for their support over the past year and wish everyone an enjoyable festival experience and a wonderful year in 2012.
The Navinko Team