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On Site Lab Workshop Series 6: Lecture Events Coming Soon (March 18: by Eiji Hato / March 20: by Hikaru Fujii)!

TWS has been hosting "On Site Lab Workshop Series", which serves as an experiment in bringing young creators from different background to work together. As the sixth series, the program looks at the issue of new community design. In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake, experiments in the building of new communities are underway in many places around Japan. What sort of environment is needed for a true revival? In order to explore the nature of sustainable living through research in community design covering diverse fields such as information design, urban planning, and fine arts and culture, we will have several lectures which are open for the public. It includes lecture events by Eiji Hato (Associate Professor at University of Tokyo, School of Urban Engineering) and by Hikaru Fujii (Artist / Visual director).  Please join this inspiring talk!(Admission Free, No Reservation Required.)

March 18th (Sun)
15:30-16:30 Lecture by Eiji Hato (Associate Professor at University of Tokyo, School of Urban Engineering)
「Coding / SHIBUYA 2050」
In the wake of Great East Japan Earthquake, how should we reconstruct the future image of Tokyo? On this lecture, Mr. Hato will think about the preparedness for post-disaster restoration planning in Tokyo, where various disaster could happen. Specifically, he will think of the future image of Tokyo by imagining how the city of Shibuya would be in 2050. Since Mr. Hato is the vice-chairperson of formulating Recovery Plan around Rikuzentakata area, he would talk about the actual situation in disaster area too.

March 20th (Tue, National Holiday)
16:00-18:00 Lecture by Hikaru Fujii (Artist / Visual director)
Mr. Fujii will think about "New Community Design," by introducing his previous art projects. It includes the documentation on "Miyashita-Park dispute" ( It's a public park near Shibuya station where homeless people used to build tent village. Then there was a plan by Nike and Shibuya-ward to turn it to a "park with charge"), or "Project FUKUSHIMA!." Also, he will mention about the exclusiveness which innate the word "community."

March 24th (Sat)
14:00-17:00 Final Presentation
Final Presentation by workshop participants, along with some comments from the tutors.

* For the details about the workshop, please refer to this page.
* The venues for these events are at TWS Aoyama

Profiles of the Lecturers

Eiji Hato
Associate Professor at University of Tokyo, School of Urban Engineering. His specialty is Transportation Engineering and Behavior in Networks. After experiencing Guest Researcher at MIT and Visiting Scholar at UC Santa Barbara, he is now working as an Associate Professor at University of Tokyo, School of Urban Engineering. He is also a Visiting Associate Professor at Ehime University and Visiting Scholar at Nepal Institute of Technology. He is awarded on World Conference on Transport Research Society.

Hikaru Fujii
Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1976. Artist / Visual director. Obtained DEA (aesthetics and art) from Universite de Paris 8 in 2004. From 2005, he works with the visual media to intuitively deal with the social and political situation in Japan. And also he holds the image making workshop on the concept of "the media as stationary", and tries to democratize a visual media. His recent main activities are "Create my own media" at YCAM (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media) in 2010-2011; "Now, what is the barrier?" at Sendai Mediatheque in 2010, and "Reflection/ 'another world' in the image" at Art Tower Mito in 2010. Since the disaster of 3.11, he starts shooting at the stricken area on the theme of the relationship between 3.11 and the art, and making a work as "3.11 Art Documentation". He also takes part in "Project Fukushima", from the first, which started by musicians and poets from or in Fukushima, and a documentary film that follows activities of this project will be released from this spring.