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2012.08.08 Topics

Announcement of the winners for the 7th Emerging Artist Support Program | Exhibition Proposals 2012!

Thank you very much for your interest in EASP 2012!

We have selected the following 4 plans as the result of the impartial screening by juries.

・「upDate 2011111111111s」
    (Organizer: Eglantine Nine Yamamoto-Masson and Mirak Jamal)
・「From the lleca to the cohue. Photography as a liberation tool in prisons」
    (Organizer: Helena Acosta)
・「But Fresh」
    (Organizer: Hiroyuki Yoshizawa)
Extra Award
・「TOC[toasters city / country / cosmos]」
  (Organizer: Kana Takahashi)

*Juries' comments will be updated shortly