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News about cooperated event:Join us on the QUEST FOR A TOKYO IDYLL!

What could an idyll in the midst of the metropolis be?
What activities, sensations, and experiences would happen here?
What spaces, devices, and beings would constitute this?
Where could such urban idylls be located, at what scale,
for how long, for whom?

Join our Presentation and Workshop! 

This event aims to explore the notion of an urban idyll, set in the Tokyo metropolis. Tokyo is a place of frenetic energy and continuous motion, exemplified by its densely woven mass transit systems and rapidly changing built environment. However the economic and demographic growth that characterized Japan for most of the last century has given way to a "postgrowth" condition characterized by a desire for sustainable patterns of life and an ethos of personal cultivation and introspection. The notion of an urban idyll in the public spaces of the city invites us to bring these contrasting realms into juxtaposition of devise methods and spaces for their momentary alignment.

We invite people working in the art, architecture and design scenes in Tokyo who are engaging with questions of urbanism to join in elaborating the notion of a Tokyo idyll. We hope to touch on a diversity of approaches relevant to the topic, such as: urban perception and experience; collective memories and local histories; narratives of site and place; appropriation and spatial tactics, interactivity, spatial and temporal displacements; speculative futures; urban fictions...

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Presentations & Workshop
Date:September 8(Sat.), 2012   14:00-17:30
Venue:Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama:Creator-in-Residence
5-53-67 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Participation fee: free
Open to all interested
English & Japanese
Cooperation:Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site 

※Please register prior to the event.

This initiative has been organized by multi-disciplinary artist Susanna Hertrich (Berlin) and architect Julian Worrall (Tokyo). It forms part of a Susanna Hertrich's and Tomoko Hayashi's residency at Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence.

What to expect 
A series of short presentations by the organizers and invited presenters will offer various propositions and/or interpretations of urban idyll. This is followed by a workshop in which participants are encouraged to share their ideas, experiences and opinions through conversations,drawings, and collage. The goal is to produce an inventory of ideas and a collective map of (an area of) the city augmented with these propositions.

Susanna Hertrich & Tomoko Hayashi
Susanna Hertrich and Tomoko are residents of Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence program. They will talk about their project "Quest for a Tokyo Idyll".

Julian Worrall
Julian Worrall is an Australian architect, scholar, and critic based in Tokyo. He runs the research-based practice LLLABO, whose stated aim is to "distill the logic and the magic of the Asian metropolis". Julian is a qualified architect, and has a PhD in architectural and urban history from the University of Tokyo.

Mi-Ri Meter
Design studio established in 2000 by Akiko Miyaguchi and Hidenori Kasagi. Carried out various urban projects such as the Urban Picnic Series. Conducts projects that design the city from the inside, from a micro-scale viewpoint using cross sectional tactics.

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