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Announcement of successful candidates for TEF Vol.8 Open Call Program [Performance Section]

TWS is delighted to announce successful candidates for Open Call Program [Performance Section] of TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.8!

Sera Vaishnavi Fukuzaki And The Slices Of The Stars (Applicant: Seira Vaishnavi Fukuzaki):Tour d'ivoire

Mari Matsutoya and Annie Goh (Applicant: Mari Matsutoya):Morpholexical Ping Pong

Pauchi Sasaki (Paula Cristina Sasaki Otani):GAMA Ⅵ

Erika Dohi and Carlos Cordeiro(Applicant: Erika Dohi):metamorphosis

Modabber_Mourles (Applicant: Tanaz Modabber):Harmony for vanishing points

Taro Yasuno:Taro Yasuno's ZOMBIE MUSIC "Quartet of the Living Dead"

Hugo Morales Murguia + Diego Espinosa (Applicant: Hugo Morales Murguia):Items, Machines and Body

Eiichi TOSAKI  Tetsuroh KONISHI (Applicant: Tetsuro Konishi):BCD Sound Performance

Hiroe Yasui + Keita Matsumiya + Hiromi Watanabe (Applicant: Hiroe Yasui):Spatiotemporal Expression by Saxophone and electronics

Varjo Ensemble (Applicant: Katariina Nyberg):Pierrot Lunaire and Its Shadow

Traces Collective (Applicant: Rosa van Hensbergen):Input Place in Space A


Ex-Easter Island Head (Applicant: Benjamin D.Duvall):Duo for TEF

Dunscombe/Golinski/Hamann Trio + Harada/Inoue/Ogawa(Applicant: Samuel Dunscombe):Cartography Event and Resonance:Decay

Satoshi Kakuta Trio(Applicant: Satoshi Kakuta):Session #8

monolith (Applicant: Hiroshi tamura):a roration within the mindscape

Details about the perfomances and comments by jury members will be announced soon.