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【TWS Shibuya / AAA Closing Event】 Urgent Talk with AAA curator, Wu Dar-Kuen from Taiwan (4/20)

"The Potential of the Art in Today's Asia: The Perception of Taiwanese Curator, Wu Dar-Kuen"

Speaker: Wu Dar-Kuen

Date:  April 20 (Sun.) 3:30pm - 5:30 pm

Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya Space A

with Japanese-Chinese translation
(with whispering interpreting for English)
No reservation needed, free admission.

Just after the opening of AAA exhibition in Tokyo in March, the student protest "Sunflower Student Movement" has been driven in Taiwan.  Responding to this current situation, TWS will hold the curator's talk with Wu Dar-Kuen on the last day of the AAA exhibition in Tokyo.

At this event, Wu Dar-Kuen will report what is happing in Taiwan among the Sunflower Student Movement, especially how the art students, artists and curators react in that situation.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, it has been discussed among the issue of "art and society" and "the role of art in the society" in Japan.  We could see the various reactions by the artists toward disaster and nuclear accidents in Fukushima.  At the second part of the talk, we would like to invite the audience to join the discussion about the possibilities of the art in the modern society.

*Please note that AAA Closing Party by Videoart Center Tokyo, scheduled on April 20th,  has been cancelled.