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Announcement of the selected exhibition proposal of Emerging Artist Support Program 2014 & Judges' Review

The 4 exhibition proposals for the result of Emerging Artist Support Program 2014 have been selected shown below. 


   By 2112 (Yves Kerckhoffs, Tom Callemin, Ilse Carbonez, Lisa Spilliaert, Liam Singelyn, Raf van de Ven)

■Find Default and Rename It (temporary title)
   By Saki Tanaka, Ryo Mikami

■SUMO alone
   By Hideaki Shibata

■We Buy White Albums
   By Rutherford Chang


*Listed in no particular order.


The exhibitions are expected to hold the following periods.
First period : From 24th January to 22nd February, 2015
Second period : From 28th February to 29th March, 2015


Click here for the Judges' review