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2014.10.21 Topics

【TWS Hongo】Calling for participation for the workshop by Kiyomi + Tetsuhiro Uozumi

TWS Hongo is holding workshops as part of Unseen Daily Life [part 2].
As first workshop of the part 2, Kiyomi and Tetsuhiro Uozumi give their workshop on November 1st.


ARTIST :Kiyomi + Tetsuhiro Uozumi
DATE :2014/11/1 (Sat.)
TIME :14:00-17:00
BOOKING :Please email the following information totwshongo(at), with the subject as "Kiyomi + Tetsuhiro Uozumi's Workshop"

+AGE (Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by thier parents or guardian, and must be older than 6 years old) 
+CONTACT (Mobile)

BOOKING DEADLINE: 2014/10/30 (Thu.) *We may close the application earlier if the number of participants reaches the limit of 10.