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【Exchange: Basel】Yuichiro Tamura Exhibition: Kalte Füsse bekommen

Yuichiro Tamura, who is participating in TWS Exchange Residency Program in Basel associated with Atelier Mondial, is working on a work-in-progress project whose theme is the value of an archive.
As part of this project, Tamura is holding an exhibition collaborating with Christine Camenisch at DOCK, an alternative space to archive information on art events and artists in Basel.

[Exhibition Name]
Traces from Atelier Mondial: Kalte Füsse bekommen

[Period] 2015.5.6 (Wed)-6.2 (Tue)

[Venue] DOCK (Klybeckstrasse 29, Postfach 166, CH-4005 Basel)

About the project, "Kalte Füsse bekommen"

During his stay in Basel Tamura will collect ski boots from citizens of Basel and archive them in the windows of DOCK.
The presence of ski boots in summer, can be defined as a useless object. In fact, ski boots would be surely asleep in each household. Eventually, people would gather in front of the collected, unseasonable ski boots, where dialogues would arise. It might look useless, but it would be surely a scene where there is a hope.

*"Kalte Füsse bekommen" is a Swiss proverb meaning "to get foot cold" in English.