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Announcement of successful candidates for the two residency programs 2015

TWS is delighted to announce successful candidates for the International Creator Residency Program 2015 and the Research Residency Program 2015.

■International Creator Residency Program 2015
*( ): activity base

[Residency Period: September-November, 2015 (tentative)]
Raul Walch (Germany)
Kelvin Atmadibrata (Indonesia)

[Residency Period: January-March, 2016 (tentative)]
Aditya Novali (Indonesia)
Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty (Bangladesh)

■Research Residency Program 2015
*( ): activity base

[Residency Period: September, 2015 (tentative)]
Hong Seon Jang (USA)
Vermeir & Heiremans (Belgium)
Hadin Charbel & Deborah Lopez (Japan)
Alex Davies (Australia)

[Residency Period: October-November, 2015 (tentative)]
Valerio Sannicandro (France)
Natale Adgnot (USA)
Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad (UK)

[Residency Period: January, 2016 (tentative)]
Micha Kranixfeld (Germany)
Joshua D. Gonsalves (Lebanon)

[Residency Period: February-March, 2016 (tentative)]
Manuel Schilcher (Austria)
Inga Seidler (Germany)
Isabel de Sena (Germany)

Now we started calling for the Research Residency Program 2016!
*Deadline: July 31 (Fri), 2015

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