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TEF Vol.10 Open Call Program (Performance/ Sound Installation) Jury members' comments

The important thing for art aiming to be experimental is trailblazing as a concept and as an intention, as well as securing the technology to support and actualize it. What it does not need is a sense of complacent in each specialization. The question is how to step beyond that and create awareness and sociality for the next era. For this time TEF Vol.10, there were so many wonderfully intuitive submissions that I anticipate more performers than ever who strike me as striving for change.

Toshi Ichiyanagi
[Composer/ Pianist]

For this 10th volume of TEF, submissions showed ever more disregard for genre and made me personally more aware in the judging process how far this festival has deviated from its origins as a festival of 'music/ sound'. This made it difficult to pin down the judging criteria. Hopefully the actual presentations will verify the non-genre nature of submissions, especially in the Performance Section. Also in Sound Installation Section, every year I encounter highly-varied submissions without ideas ever falling into cliché. I also felt those submissions accentuate the idiosyncrasies of the festival itself.

Minoru Hatanaka
[Senior Curator, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC]]

Although there were not so many outlandish ideas as in previous years, many submissions conveyed precise skills. Since skills are directly related to custom and tradition, they have to be handled with care. However a defined skill in combination with fresh thinking ought to give rise to the truly 'experimental'. I hope the TEF Vol. 10 stage confirms this.

Yuji Numano
[Musicologist / Professor, Toho Gakuen School of Music]

Fifteen years into the 21st century, and I feel we are properly into a new century. Fifteen years into the 20th century was the period which saw the beginnings of modernist innovations in music, with the appearance of jazz, and the way record technology changed the way people listened to music. All the programs selected this time are works of transitional endeavor peculiar to the beginning of a new century. In the Sound Installation Section in particular, what left an impression on me was how many works took the theme of the act of 'listening' itself. Listening to this set of sounds, I hope this is the future for the 21st century music.

Yoshitaka Mouri
[Sociologist / Associate Professor, Tokyo University of the Arts]

Today, digital technology that develops daily and is open to anyone, and even freshness free from déjà vu, are being buried under a huge volume of information consumed on a daily basis. In the screening process of TEF Vol.10, the framework of TEF has been questioned continuously, with its 'experimental component' criteria that does not specify a particular field. Moreover how can we scrutinize each submissions for the experimental components and the broadness of range that carries on to the next? I expect more breadth of expression in the actual presentations that answer those questions.

Minori Kuroda
[Director of Arts Program and Residency Division, Tokyo Wonder Site]


TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL (TEF) is a festival which introduces experimental performances and exhibitions focusing on music and sound, and it marks its 10th volume this year. Over a period of about three months, festival offers a unique agenda full of TEF style performances and sound installations by energetic artists from home and abroad.

TEF Performance

TEF10_banner_P.jpgPeriod: Nov. 27, 2015 - Feb. 6, 2016.
Venue: TWS Hongo, Ryogoku Monten Hall

TEF Sound Installation
TEF10_banner_SI.jpgPeriod: First term| Nov. 21 - Dec. 20, 2015
Second term| Jan. 9 - Feb. 7, 2016
Venue: TWS Hongo