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【Exchange: Taipei】Kaya Hanasaki takes part in "On Site Artfest 2015"!

Kaya Hanasaki, who is staying at Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei) through TWS Exchange Residency Program, will take part in "On Site, Visual," one of the major programs from an art festival "On Site Artfest 2015."

[Date] 2015/10/16(Fri)-2015/10/18(Sun)
[Time] 11:00-19:00

[Venue] URS21 Chung Shan Ceative Hub

In addition to showing her work at "Pop Up Studio" along with other resident artists from Taipei Artist Village, Hanasaki will give two performances at the venue.

Hanasaki's performance schedule:
10/17(Sat) 14:40-15:10
10/18(Sun) 14:00-14:30

Below: Image of Hanasaki's work to be exhibited