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【Exchange: Madrid】Group exhibition at Matadero Madrid

Nobuaki Itoh and Maiko Jinushi, participating in TWS Exchange Residency Program in Madrid associated with Matadero Madrid, take part in a group exhibition!

★Exhibition "Zero Gravity"
[Date] 11/27(Fri), 2015 - 1/10(Sun), 2016
[Opening] 11/27 (Fri) 19:00-

[Venue]Nave 16, Matadero Madrid
(Plaza de Legazpi, 8, Madrid)

*Admission free

This exhibition presents the work of eight artists from Spain, Japan and Korea, selected through public open calls organised by Matadero Madrid and its partner centres, Tokyo Wonder Site (Japan) and MMCA Residency Goyang (Korea).

[Participating artists]
Nobuaki Itoh, Maiko Jinushi (from Japan)
Gun-hee Kim, Part-Time Suite (from Korea)
Abelardo G. Fournier, Helena Grande, Jonathan Notario, Alejandra
Pombo (from Spain)

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