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【TWS Hongo】Imaginary Synonym: 7/9 (Sat.) Special Performance by Dairakudakan x Kelvin Atamadibrata

Tokyo Wonder Site presents a special performance by Dairakudakan in collaboration with Kelvin Atamadibrata's work at current exhibition Imaginary Synonym!

Atsushi Matsuda and Daiichiro Yuyama from Dairakudakan, the leading Butoh company in Japan, will perfrom in the gallery spaces at TWS Hongo. They will interact with the art works by the participating artist Kelvin Atmadibrata, to create ultimate atmosphere of the theme that the artist established for this exhibition.

The details as follows;

■A New Dawn Has Come■

Date: 2016/7/9 (Sat.) 14:00 - 14:30 (tantative)
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo | Space C/D and other
Performers: Atsushi Matsuda, Daiichiro Yuyama (Dairakudakan)
Admission: Free
NO booking required

※Kelvin Atamadibrata will not attend this performance in person.
※Please note that the installation by Kelvin Atmadibrata will not be in the normal condition before/during/after the performance.
※Beggining time of the performance may be changed, please check this page or TWS facebook/twitter for the latest information.