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Announcement of selected project proposal of OPEN SITE 2016-2017

TWS is delighted to announce successful project proposals for the OPEN SITE 2016-2017.

[Project A(Time based)]

Part 1:
Chiku KOMIYA(Japan) "We have to keep on swimming."
Jaime Ibanez(The Netherlands)
"film/workshop: the contemporary Primitive animation"

Part 2:
Aleksandra Niemczyk(Norway) "ISHI"
Decibel New Music Ensemble(Australia) "Chance Figuration"
Kaori Nishio(Japan) "2020"

Part 3:  
Imaike Project(Japan)
"Toshihiro Imamura × Moe Ikeda The 5th performance duo, The boundary of Music"
Haruka Komori+Natsumi Seo
"Screening and Talk 'under the wave, on the ground'"

Part 4:
Hokuto Kodama(Sweden) "Tragedy 1769"

[Project B(Space based)] 

Part 1:
POST-ER OFFICE Executive Committee(Japan) "POST-ER OFFICE"
Masamitsu Araki(Japan) "Acoustic Device"

Part 2:
Kosuke Nagata(Japan) "Therapist"
Alice Ko(Taiwan)
"Bare Life : Between the Waves A Historical Perspective from Shibuya Incident"

Part 3:  
Fiona Amundsen(New Zealand) "Arsenal of Democracy"

Part 4:
Xavier León Borja(Ecuador)"La larga noche (The long night)"


Open call :
From 15th April to 23rd May, 2016

Execution period :
Part 1 October 15 (Sat), 2016- November 13 (Sun), 2016
Part 2 November 26 (Sat), 2016 - December 25 (Sun), 2016
Part 3 January 14 (Sat), 2017 - February 12 (Sun), 2017
Part 4 February 25 (Sat), 2017 - March 26 (Sun), 2017

Total applications :
Project A 111 proposals/Project B:148 proposals Total:259 proposals

Judges :
- Masahiro Miwa (Composer, Media Artist/ Professor, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS])
- Minoru Hatanaka (Senior Curator, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC])
- Atsushi Sugita (Art Critic/ Professor, Joshibi University of Art and Design)
- Yusaku Imamura (Director, Tokyo Wonder Site)
- Minori Kuroda (Director of Arts Program and Residency Division, Tokyo Wonder Site)