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【Exchange: Berlin】Shun Owada Exhibition: Ancient air/Present sound

Shun Owada, staying and working at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien through TWS Exchange Residency Program, is holding a solo show.

[Title] Ancient air/Present sound
[Date] 2016/12/11(Sun.)-2016/12/16(Fri.)
[Time] 13:00-19:00
*Opening reception: 2016/12/10(Sat.) 20:00-
[Venue] Raum 139, Kunstquartier Bethanien
(Marianneplaz 2, 10997 Berlin, Germany)

"Ancient air / Present sound" is an installation work whose theme is the relationship between human senses and non-living matter. The main material of the work is limestones. Limestone is made of small sea creatures lived in ancient sea. The CO2 gas breathed by ancient organisms contained in the limestone is released by chemical reaction. By amplifying small sound and make it audible with the acoustic equipment, the work shows the relationship between the hearing and the substances.