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2017.10.23 Topics

【Announcement】The grand prize for Open Call of the new logo

Tokyo Arts and Space has selected a grand prize for its new logo(*) from among the Open call entries as follows. The combination of the logo and the logotype, designed after the logo selection, will be used as the new logo for Tokyo Arts and Space.

* The diagram stands for the symbol of the logo, and the alphabets for its logotype.

1 Grand prize
The logo represents the projects and the environment which Tokyo Arts and Space provides, where intersection and stimulation between artists'vision filled in their art works and audience's views to appreciate and criticize them occur.

2 Award winner 
UMEZAWA Takahiro (34 years old/living in Tokyo)   
*The age is that of the time of application

【Cf.】Overview of the Open Call
・Application period  2017/6/7-2017/7/7
・Qualification  Aged under 35
・Number of the application  82 works
・Process of the examination
The grand prize has been decided after selecting some candidate works under the examination by Logo Selection Committee of Tokyo Arts and Space with an investigation of their trademarks.

<Members of Logo Selection Committee of Tokyo Arts and Space>
・KASHIWAGI Hiroshi (Professor emeritus of Musashino Art University)【Chairperson】
・SHIKATA Sachiko (Curator)
・TANAKA Yoshihisa (Graphic designer)
・Executive Head Office Manager of Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture