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【TOKAS Residency】 FUKUNAGA Atsushi:Solo exhibition in Berlin

FUKUNAGA Atsushi, the participating artist in Tokyo - Berlin Exchange Residency Program, holds a solo exhibition at Kunstraum Kreuzberg/ Bethanien.

Kreuzberg bleibt unhöflich / Kreuzberg remains impolite

[Date] 2018/6/16 (Sat) ・17 (Sun), 22 (Fri)・23 (Sat)・24 (Sun) 13:00 - 20:00
   Opening 6/15 (Fri) 18:00 - 21:00

[Venue] Room 139, Kunstquartier Bethanien
    (Marianneplaz 2, 10997 Berlin, Germany)

This exhibition presents a new work Kreuzberg bleibt unhöflich, which is based on text that I found around Kreuzberg in Berlin.
I have used a variety of words and images--just as they appear--that I discovered when exploring Kreuzberg. These include graffiti and propaganda posters, which are rich in meaning and often overlooked in this chaotic area. The collage work assembles the visible layers of the city and cover the entire surface of the studio's window, appearing like stained glass or neon signs.
The meaning of the work is simply what the German title implies--Kreuzberg remains impolite. In general, disorder, which is intensified by graffiti and posters, characterizes Kreuzberg's urban landscape. However, the area is a place where different people can express what they wish to say. From among the things one discovers in Kreuzberg, we have a glimpse of the kind of freedom of individual expression needed today.
These represent the spirit of our generation, and over time, erased and buried under multiple layers of words and images, new messages will emerge.
This project constructs the urban landscape of Berlin's Kreuzberg through visual voices (containing underlying messages), evolving from my previous method of using environmental sounds.

For more details:

Kreuzberg bleibt unhöflich
/ Kreuzberg remains impolite

2018 / Acrylic sheet, vinyl film, marker pen, paper, paint / 8 pieces, either 105,5 x 64,5 cm or 103 x 64,5 cm each

Storyteller - Hans Christian Andersen -
2018 / Glass, mirror, frame, vinyl film, wire / dimensions variable / 22 pieces