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【TOKAS Hongo】10/9 (Tue) Artist's Talk: Zhang Peili @ Tokyo University of the Arts

Prior to the grand opening of the exhibition "Institute of Asian Performance Art: Tokyo", we will hold an artist's talk by the participating artist, Zhang Peili, and the curator of the exhibition, Victor Wang, at the Tokyo University of the Arts on 10/9 (Tue).

Widely considered to be the first Chinese artist to work in video, Zhang Peili, for the past thirty years, has explored and pushed the boundaries of moving images and video art.

The exhibition features early pivotal works by Zhang Peili , such as 30 x 30 (1988), widely recognized as the first work of video art by a Chinese artist, alongside other works such as Personal Hygiene (1991), and Uncertain Pleasure II (1996).

An early proponent of conceptual art in China, Zhang Peili will discuss these works and the larger cultural climate of China during the time of their inception. This is a unique opportunity to hear him discuss his career from the 1980s to the present day.

Zhang will be in conversation with Victor Wang, and the moderator will be Prof. Mouri Yoshitaka.

- Date: 10/9 (Tue) 18:30 - 20:30 *Free-admission, No booking requried.
- Speakers: ZHANG Peili, Victor WANG *Japanese-Chinese translation will be available.
- Moderator: MOURI Yoshitaka (Sociologist / Professor, Graduate School of Global Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts)
- Venue: Lecture Room 5-109, Faculty of Music, Ueno Campus, Tokyo University of the Arts, (12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, TOKYO)
- Organizer: Tokyo Arts and Space, Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Global Arts, Department of Arts Studies and Curatorial Practices

For further information about the exhibition, please refer here.