TWS10th anniversary:To our fellow creators who participated in TWS projects

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On the occasion of TWS 10th anniversary, TWS will be holding an exhibition "NEXT - TWS 10 Years!" at TWS Shibuya.
We expect this exhibition to be an opportunity to consider "the next decade" with you all.
On July 7 (Thu.) , the opening day of the exhibition , we would like to talk about "How you have been till now", "How you are doing now", "How you are going to do from now" and so on with you.
Please come and join us with your stories and recent works if you have one.

Time and Date: July 7 (Thu.) 17:00 - 21:00
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya

We are also expecting your messages and images for future.

We look forward to your participation.

― Message from the Director ―
Dear all,

Hello, this is Yusaku Imamura from Tokyo Wonder Site.

Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. For this occasion, we are working on our anniversary exhibition "NEXT - TWS 10 Years!" at TWS Shibuya, starting from 7th July till 2nd October.

Since our opening in 2001, more than 2000 artists have participated in our various programs, and we have hosted over 400 creators at TWS Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence to support their research and projects in Tokyo.

Just as we were recapturing our ten years activities, and looking towards the next ten years, an unprecedented catastrophe struck Eastern Japan. We, along with deep sorrow, are facing questions of our basic human existence and society itself. The current issues overlap with those that TWS together with many artists have been working on for 10 years since the foundation of the platform to support creative activities in Tokyo as well as Japan that had been lost after the collapse of the economic bubble. We hope to broaden the accumulated dialogues with national and international artists about art, society, Japan as a county and its relationship with the world over the next decade.

In this situation caused by the disaster, I reconsidered what we can do, and should do. I would say all of you must have been overwhelmed by the catastrophe, and thought what you could do as an individual, as a human being, as well as thought what ART can do. By reflecting on yourself, and the society itself, I feel as if fog will clear up to see the things clearer. It might be merely ART, but it IS ART, there must be something can be done.

And now, we would like to invite you all to this ten year anniversary project by calling your messages for next 10 years. We would like to hear your voice for "NEXT" future, regarding the art in broader range and the society itself. Your messages can be by texts and images. The messages from you will be exhibited in the gallery to create a space to share our feelings and thoughts. It is not past 10 years of TWS nor next of it, but of the arts, and for Tokyo, and Japan. Please let us hear your voices of the Next. From there we will see our TWS's next 10 years. Actually, this is the only way we can kick off our next 10 years for TWS.

Our precious feeling and thoughts we have at this moment will eventually be buried deep in your memories unless we write down them. I do believe that we must consider this millennial-scale situation sincerely, and need to write down. People in the after ages will learn what we, the artists in our ages, were thinking.
I must apologize for this rather sudden notice, but your cooperation is deeply appreciated. It would be great if you could send us your messages and images (details are as follows) by 4th July. It is absolutely fine if you could send us later, as we will keep on collecting messages and installing these in the gallery during the exhibition period.

Sincerely yours,

Yusaku Imamura
Director, Tokyo Wonder Site

If you are happy with joining this project, please send your message or images.

DIRECTION for submitting your messages:
Texts: 100 - 150 words (English)
Image resolution (if you have): 300 dpi
(please note the image might be cropped to fit the format)
If you have...
image only (landscape): 4193 x 3225 pixcel
              text only : 100 - 150 words
              image and text (Image portrait) : 2096 x 3106 pixel
Color Mode: RGB
File: TIFF or JPEG

Your messages are printed onto poster size sheet and will be installed in the gallery space at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya.
*Please use online file sharing service (i.e. to upload your files if the file is too large (more than 2 MB) to send via your mailing account.
DUE DATE: 4th July. (But we are open for your submission after this date, and collected messages will be shown during the exhibition period till October.)

Please send to ...
Should you have any question please feel free to contact us.