On the agenda of the Arts 2011: Education Program starting soon!【vol.1: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries】

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  • On the agenda of the Arts 2011: Education Program starting soon!【vol.1: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries】

"On the Agenda of the Arts" is a project that examines current and future role of art through dialogue in diverse cultures. "Education program," the related event of the exhibition we are having now at TWS Shibuya will start this weekend.  We are announcing the detail information of the event  starting by Young-Hae Chang heavy industries.



【vol.1: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries】



During their stay at TWS for a month, they will be having a lecture event, workshops, and making art works. Through these related "research", YHCHI will try to find some negative side of Japan despite so much love they have for Japan, and then they will make some artwork out of the result.

As for the talk event on Nov/18 and the workshop on Nov/20, we will not record any information; no taking pictures or recording sounds. It is a challenge by the artist who believes it is more important to "record" through people themselves who are at a certain place and share a certain moment, as a media, not as "recording" as ready-made media. Please do not miss this opportunity!

■■■Event Details■■■
Nov/18(Fri) Lecture Talk
(admission free, no reservation necessary, Japanese-English Translation available)

Nov/20(Sun) Workshop
(reservation necessary, detail info here)

On this workshop YHCHI will be asking participants a simple question; "What is Art?" We will make this time as to think about "art" and "artist" It will be a session which you never can experience in school. Through exchanging opinions and dialogues between artists and participants about various topics, we would like to create an opportunity to give participants a time to think about seemingly simple at first yet such incisive question, "what is art?"

Nov/29, 30, Dec/1, 2, 6, 7, 8: Mentoring

*We are still accepting participants for the workshop and the mentoring as there are some seats still available. For the workshop, if you cannot participate for a whole day you can have an option as to participate only in the lecture part. So those of you who are interested, please inform us about the detail in advance.

*click here for the exhibition information