2012/12/27 (Thu)

Delay of the results for Institutional Recommendation Program 2013 and Research Residency Program 2013

2012/12/7 (Fri)

Server maintenace will be conducted

2012/11/22 (Thu)

Syo Yoshihama "Veu del mar" exhibition in Barcelona

2012/11/10 (Sat)

Extension of deadline for Open Call: Research Residency Program 2013!

2012/11/7 (Wed)

【TWS Berlin】This Weekend: Yuken Teruya's open studio

2012/11/6 (Tue)

News from cooperated institutions: «Genuine Swiss II» Symposium will be held on November 10 (Sat.) !

2012/10/25 (Thu)

This Weekend (Fri-Sun): Perfomances at Open Studio

2012/10/20 (Sat)

10/26- 28, AIR! AIR! AIR! Panel Presentation and Relay Talk!

2012/10/9 (Tue)

TWS hongo: Artist Talk "On the Agenda of the Arts: in the AIR" on 31 October

2012/10/6 (Sat)

Open Calls : Research Residency Program 2013 and Institutional Recommendation Program 2013

2012/10/5 (Fri)

Endo Ichiro holds an exhibition at Chelsea College of Art and Design in London!

2012/9/4 (Tue)

News about cooperated event:Join us on the QUEST FOR A TOKYO IDYLL!

2012/8/8 (Wed)

Announcement of the winners for the 7th Emerging Artist Support Program | Exhibition Proposals 2012!

2012/7/11 (Wed)

Kosuke Ikeda Solo Exhibition at RMIT

2012/7/5 (Thu)

Yuki Okumura: Exhibition in Anatomisches Museum der Universität Basel

2012/6/29 (Fri)

Masaru Iwai: Open Studio in Berlin

2012/6/22 (Fri)

Kosuke Ikeda: Open Studio in Melbourne

2012/6/8 (Fri)

Yuki Okumura: Open his studio during the Art Fair in Basel

2012/6/6 (Wed)

Exhibition by the students of UAL at the Embassy of Japan (London)

2012/5/26 (Sat)

Announcement of the successful candidates for the International Creator Residency Program 2012