About Our Programs

About Our Programs

An open call program for solo exhibition projects for artists 35 years old or younger who are based in Japan. We will support the artists selected by the jury with exhibitions of their works that are held on each floor of TOKAS Hongo, and encourage them to establish broad networks for their future creative activities.

ACT(Artists Contemporary TOKAS)
We will organize themed exhibitions by the artists who have participated in TOKAS programs in the past and are continuing to expand their creative activities, and contemporary artists who are working on cutting-edge projects.

Tokyo Contemporary Art Award
An award for contemporary art jointly founded by Tokyo Metropolitan Government for mid-career artists who are keen to work internationally. The winners selected by recommendation from the members of the international selection committee as well as from an open call competition will receive prize money and our long-term support for them to work internationally, an exhibition will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and publication of monographs.

These programs offer international and Japanese creators working in a variety of fields a period of residence at TOKAS Residency or at affiliated overseas residency programs to engage in the creation of works or research. The participants are chosen from the annual open call competition.

Curator Talk
A mini-lecture series in which curators participating in the Curator Residency Program will introduce their activities and the art scene in the countries/regions where they are based.

Activities conducted by the artists and creators in TOKAS Residency will be exhibited and their creation processes introduced to the public. During the OPEN STUDIO period, artists/creators themselves give presentations on their activities and works, and talks and facility tours are organized.

 TOKAS Creator-in Residence Exhibition
Group exhibitions for international and Japanese artists who have participated in our Creator-in-Residence programs and created works at the TOKAS Residency or at affiliated overseas residency programs will be held to present the results of their work in residence.

By soliciting applications from the public on an open basis, this program aims to provide a platform for gathering ambitious projects aimed at creating new forms of artistic expression in all genres. The projects selected by jury will be exhibited and performed, and another project by TOKAS recommendation will also be implemented.

TOKAS Project
This is a program that seeks to stimulate thought on a range of topics such as art and societal issues from a multi-cultural perspective. In it, we collaborate with foreign artists, curators, arts centers and arts/cultural organizations to hold exhibitions and related events.

Art Mediation Program
Our offerings include summer Kids Workshops held in the studio space of TOKAS Residency with artists serving as instructors, and our OPEN SITE art mediation program in which creators from Japan and abroad present multidisciplinary workshops and lectures.