[OPEN SITE 2017-2018] Open call program waiting for your proposal!!

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[OPEN SITE 2017-2018] Open call program waiting for your proposal!!


OPEN SITE is an open call program to accept multiangular activities in creative fields. With this program, Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) will strive to be a new platform for future art that creators from all genres to interact. In its first year series, 16 projects were selected from more than 250 entries from home and abroad. Adding 4 TWS recommendation programs, in total of 20 unique projects have been exposured. In 2017, we also call for proposals which seek unprecedented expressions and face to a society from a new perspective.

We covet your plan strongly motivated to present new sensation by making free use of the space at TWS Hongo.

Application Overview

(1) Projects that can be realiased using a space such as:
Exhibitions, Installations, Research presentations, Performing arts, Films and audio-visual works, Lectures, symposiums or workshops and any other projects which are related to above or combined projects.
(2) Projects which explores new expression/ art/ culture, and tries to open up to societies.
(3) Projects which are well structured and have unique originalities.

Format of presentation

(1)Exhibition (Exhibition period: 38 days / Admission:free of charge)
(2) Performance (Available period including install and de-install: About 1 week / Ticket price must be settled.)

Support by TWS

(1) Providing a space at TWS Hongo for projects for free of charge.
(2) Providing a subsidy for productions of works and projects as follows:
For residents in Japan: 300,000 JPY (Tax included) / For residents outside Japan: 400,000 JPY (Tax included)
For residents in Japan: 100,000 JPY (Tax included) / For residents outside Japan: 200,000 JPY (Tax included)
(3) 90% of the ticket revenue(tax included) of each project will be given. (Performance Only)
(4) TWS Residency as accommodation for residents outside of Japan.
(5) Assisting a part of PR and management of the project

Jury Members

- Mizuki Endo (Independent Curator / Executive Director of HAPS)
- Minoru Hatanaka (Senior Curator, NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC])
- Masahiro Miwa (Composer, Media Artist/ Professor, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences)
- Director of Arts Program and Residency Division, Tokyo Wonder Site

Program Period / Venue

(1) 10/14(Sat), 2017-11/26(Sun), 2017
(2) 12/9(Sat), 2017-1/28(Sun), 2018
Tokyo Wonder Site HONGO


(1) Be able to take responsibilities for planning, preparations, and executions of projects.
(2) Candidates who have passed the first selections must attend the interview in the second selection.
* The interview can be done by Skype if the candidate lives abroad or in a place far from Tokyo.

Selection Process and the Schedule

(1) First Selection (Document screening by jury members): the middle of May, 2017
(2) Second Selection (Presentations and interviews by jury members): the end of May, 2017
- Place: Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo (provisional)
(3) The final results will be announced through TWS website in the beginning of June, 2017.

Application Deadline

Deadline for application(Documents): April 19(Wed.), 2017  CLOSED!
Deadline for application(Materials): April 26 (Wed.), 2017 CLOSED!

Application Fee


How to Apply

Download "Application Package" below and read "Application Outline" included in each package.



Q. Could you tell me the details of the application?
A. Please download the application outline from the TWS website.

Q. Do you have age limit for the application?
A. No. There is no limit.

Q. Can we apply as a group?
A. Yes you can. Please submit both Applicant's CV and Group CV. If the applicant is different from the representative of the group, please apply with applicant's name and his/her information. The representative's name should be mentioned in the Group Name field with the name of the group.

Q. I am living in abroad, is airline ticket and accommodation fee covered by TWS?
A. TWS will provide only subsidy for participants as mentioned in "Application Outline". TWS offers TWS Residency for overseas residents during the period that TWS sets to execute the project. However, as the numbers of rooms are limited, we cannot always accommodate. Please see "Notices and Instructions" for more detail.

Q. Can I apply more than two projects?
A. Yes you can. There is no limit of the number of the application per person.

Q. Regarding budgeting, is it possible to obtain a commercial sponsor? This would primarily be for the use of equipment, such as a screen or projector.
A. Yes, it is possible to obtain commercial sponsors.

Q. Is this an amount to be given to the artist for everything including production fees, life expenses and etc that he/she needs during the stay in the residence?
A. TWS will pay subsidy which is written in the application outline only.

Q. If I organize an exhibition or performance only with Japanese artists would I still receive the same amount of funding as an international applicant?
A. Subsidy will be determined depending on the places where the representative of the group are living in.

Application Documents

Q. When typing in the form with Adobe Reader, I cannot adjust the font size that my texts don't fit in the form. How can I fix it?
A. The application form is pre-set with font size and number of words limitation by TWS. Please do not change the setting as it may cause faults and TWS is not responsible for this.

Q. In the application form [4.グループ略歴 / Group CV], does this mean providing a biography and full CV for each participating artists, since it would be very long, should I only provide certain highlights? Or, should I only include this information in [(2) Materials: (e) Portfolio] ?
A. Please provide certain highlights for the Group CV, but you can also include full CVs for each artist in the portfolio.

Format of presentation

Q. My project can be applied both exhibition and performance. Can I apply both?
A. Yes you can. Format of presentation will be determined by the consultation between TWS and participants when the project is selected.

Q. I am interested in proposing an exhibition and performance. They can be linked together, but they could also be separate. Should I apply with two different applications?
A. You can apply with one application and please select both exhibition and performance. In the case that your project is selected, the format of presentation will be determined in the selection committee. Support is different depending on the format, please read application outline.


Q. Is it possible to have talk events or performances during the exhibition period?
A. Yes it is. Please note that participants are not allowed to charge any admission fee for the artist's event. Also it is necessary to consult with TWS to execute any artists events in advance. No events that are not acknowledged by TWS is allowed to take place.

Q. Are there any equipments we can use for free in TWS?
A. Participants must arrange all necessary materials and equipment for execution of their project by their own responsibilities. TWS can provide some of tools for installation and de-installation.

Q. Is it possible to apply a project that uses both 2 spaces Space B and Space C/D?
A. 1 project is able to use 1 space only.

Q. I am working on new work that will not be ready by the deadline for material submission. What can I write on the work list, or what to submit instead?
A. Please indicate as work-in-progress for these you are planning to create. The size and material details are to be mentioned as much as you know by the point of submission. In the portfolio, please include related works and conceptional drawings if any.

Q. Can I use paint in the gallery spaces?
A. Only water-based paint is permitted to use. No oil-based nor pencils. The floor must be covered when using paint and it is mandatory for the participants to recover the spaces to its original condition.

Q. Is it possible to propose a group exhibition?

Q. If it is possible to feature the exhibition on floors B or CD should I prepare a layout for both?
A. It is not necessary to prepare both floor plans. However, TWS may ask to change the space from what is preferred in the application form to another depends on other candidates' plans.

Q. If i am interested in presenting programming (an artist talk or lecture) in relation to the exhibition will I need to include this in my portfolio, or can it be determined at a later time?
A. There is a column for "Artist Event" in the application form. Please describe the details if you are planning to have events during the exhibition period.

Q. I wish to display an archive or reading table alongside the featured artists, should this information be included in my portfolio?
A. Please include archive or reading table if portfolio is summarized within 10 pages.

Q. Are the artworks covered by any insurance while on display? I noticed they are not covered during installation/deinstallation.
A. Participants, in their solo discretion, are responsible for arranging insurance to cover any possible accident, loss or damage of their properties during transportation, installation, execution and de-installation of their project.


Q. How many seats can be placed in the venue?
A. The capacity of audience is up to 60. Please refer to "Venue and Execution Schedule" for the details.

Q. Are there any equipment we can use for free in TWS?
A. Participants can use sound equipment which is listed on Equipment list of "Venue and Installation/ De-installation Schedule".


Q. Is it possible to sell catalogue or products?
A. No money handling is prohibited for any reasons including donation or sales except ticket sales.

Q. Is it possible to serve drink and food?
A. Participants are not allowed to serve food/drink to visitors/audiences in general.


Please refer FAQ above before inquiring. For other questions, please email us by March 21(Tue) and TWS will update the FAQ after March 28(Tue) to these inquiries.
Email: opensite2017■tokyo-ws.org
※Please change ■ to @.

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