【Announcement】Tokyo Arts and Space has a new logo

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【Announcement】Tokyo Arts and Space has a new logo

An open-call contest was held to choose a Symbol Mark for Tokyo Arts and Space, and of the 82 proposals were submitted during the open call period, the design of Umezawa Takahiro was selected as the most outstanding. To go with this Symbol Mark a Logo Type font was designed and its combination with the Symbol Mark was officially accepted as the new Logo Mark.





<Symbol Mark concept>
The design expresses the activities and environment of Tokyo Arts and Space that brings together the "visions embodied in the artist's works" and "the appreciative and critical eyes of the audience" in a process of mutual stimulation.


・Symbol Mark UMEZAWA Takahiro 
・Logo type font and VI design room-composite Co., Ltd.

Comment by open call winner Umezawa Takahiro

I have been working as a designer in Tokyo now for 11 years.
In my daily work, I often wish that I could have my designs used in a place or facility where lots of people gather.
Winning this opportunity encourages me to work even more seriously in my design work -- with gratitude.