【TOKAS Residency】 Open Call for the Residency Programs 2020!!

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  • 【TOKAS Residency】 Open Call for the Residency Programs 2020!!

Open call for "International Creator Residency Program" and "Research Residency Program" has started!

Within the  "International Creator Residency Program," there are "Individual Projects" and "Theme Projects."
"Individual Projects" is a project in which the selected creators conduct artistic creation or research their own topics from September to November, 2020 or January to March, 2021.
For "Theme Projects," the selected creators engage in creative activities based on the theme “Festivity in the City” from May to July, 2020.
"Research Residency Program" gives opportunities to research on arts and culture in the city of Tokyo to both international and local creators in various creative fields.

Please check the outline carefully as the eligibility conditions differ by programs.

Deadline for application (documents): June 28 (Fri), 2019, 18:00 (JST)

For more details, click here.
International Creator Residency Program 2020
Research Residency Program 2020