Open Call for the Curator Residency Program 2023

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Curator Residency Program 2023


The new open-call program “Curator Residency Program” aims to invite distinguished and highly motivated curators in the field of curation, art criticism, and cultural research from all over the world and offer them with opportunities to conduct research in Tokyo. We provide support to allow curators to develop and present their research and ideas. Selected curators are required to give mentoring sessions, a portfolio review to local emerging creators, and deliver a public talk.


1 to 3 months within the following residency periods:
① From the beginning of May, 2023 to the end of July, 2023
② From the beginning of September, 2023 to the end of November, 2023
③ From the beginning of January, 2024 to the end of March, 2024

Number of Creator: 6 curators (2 curators per period) 

Disciplines: curation, art criticism and cultural research  
What TOKAS Residency offers: Airfare, fee for research/project and living space (single room)
Studio/workspace: None

Outline/Application Package
Application Deadline

Deadline for application (documents): July 26 (Tue), 2022, 18:00 (JST)
Deadline for application (materials): August 2 (Tue), 2022, 23:00 (JST)

How to apply

Download the "Outline" and "Application Package" above and send all materials to TOKAS Residency.


Q1. I have participated in the residency program before. Can I apply for these residency programs again?
A. You can.

Q2:I will have finished my master's degree by the beginning of next year. Am I eligible to apply for your residency?
A : If you are not student at the time of participation in the program, and if you have 3 years or more of experience in your specialized area of expertise, you are eligible.

Q3:Can I apply for Curator Residency Program as a duo?
A:Applying as a duo is not possible as stated in the Application Outline ( “4. Eligibility”, “⑤ Curators working as a duo are ineligible”). 

Residence Facilities

Q4. What sorts of facilities do you offer to the successful candidates?
A. Please read through Section "Residence Facilities" in the Application Outline.

Other questions

Q5. Is it possible to travel around Japan for my research, or am I restricted to remain in Tokyo?
A. Curators participating in the program are expected to focus on their new projects during the residency period. If you need to stay outside our residency for your research, you have to consult in advance.

Q6. Do I have to fund myself for additional accommodation and travel expenses elsewhere in Japan, or is there any help?
A. We will not provide any financial support for additional accommodation and travel expenses elsewhere in Japan.

Q7. I applied for all of the residency periods. Would it be possible to choose the period by myself if I were selected?
A. You are not able to choose a residency period. We will choose and make the decision.

Q8. Can I bring my family/ partner with me?
A. No. We offer accommodations only for the participating creators.


*Please change [at] to @

*For inquiries which are not listed in the FAQ part above, please contact us by e-mail by July 5 (Tue), 2022.
We will update the FAQ on this website after July 12 (Tue), 2022.
Please note that in principle, we cannot answer each inquiry individually.