TEAM 12 Toshihiro Yashiro - Time Traveler -

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TEAM 12 Toshihiro Yashiro - Time Traveler -



TitleTEAM 12 Toshihiro Yashiro - Time Traveler -
Date2008.4.12(Sat) - 2009.6.15(Mon)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
VenueTWS Shibuya
Toshihiro Yashiro

In a separate exhibition, Toshihiro Yashiro presents his work as part of the "TEAM (Tokyo Wonder Site: Emerging Artists on Mezzanine)" series introducing strong newcomer artists. Working on a "time and space" theme, Yashiro presents his Kai Ten Kai series of photographs of public spaces and private living environments in which the artist himself appears as a rotating object. "Kai Ten Kai" stands for "revolving+revolution", and symbolizes he cycle of extinction and regeneration. Yashiro's work during his residency at TWS revolved around the Kai Ten Kai Live! museum series, which he presents here next to his newest set of photographs, Time Traveler, taken in the streets of Tokyo. We hope you enjoy these exhibitions of works by outstanding, internationally operating artists.

Toshihiro Yashiro 《Kaitenkai LIVE! Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo 2006》 2006 Photo

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YASHIRO Toshihiro