Emerging Artist Support Program 2009 - MEAT SHOP SPY


Emerging Artist Support Program 2009 - MEAT SHOP SPY



TitleEmerging Artist Support Program 2009 - MEAT SHOP SPY
Date2010.3.6(Sat) - 2010.4.25(Sun)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
VenueTWS Hongo
Yosaku Kikuchi
Yosaku Kikuchi

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Tokyo Wonder Site will be hosting Emerging Artist Support Program 2009. This program consists of three separate projects which were selected from 33 applications last year.

Emerging Artists Support Program 2009: Right after its opening in 2001, Tokyo Wonder Site launched the "TWS-Emerging" series with the aim to foster young creators. In addition to this program for artists, a support program for aspiring planners (curators) was implemented in 2006, inviting young exhibition organizers to apply with concrete plans for art shows.


This exhibition presents "spy activity" playing in a meat shop, by means of an installation. Unlike the spy described in the entertainment including movies, who would attempt to gain information from a nation or a huge authority, the spy in this exhibition tries to get information from a small meat shop in a town. In the tiny meat shop "visible" and "invisible" portions of the huge social structure and food culture are hidden.
The activity of the spy starts by infiltrating a meat shop somewhere in Tokyo, in working as an employee. The spy collects information related to the exterior and the interior of the meat shop (the wall, the floor, the door and the light), the tools (the meat-cutting knives, the glass cases and the machinery) and confidential information (love and betrayal between the shop owner and an employee). The collected information in notes, photos, videos or souvenirs, is going to be recreated into another material.
A "second meat shop" will be set up in the venue, combining fiction and reality related to the information, visible and invisible parts of the society. This illustrates the confrontation between individual and society, in the form of a continuous spy activity.

Related Event

Opening Party + Performance Event "Meat Bargain Market"

3/6[sat]17:00-19:00 ※finished

Joint Artists' Talk

3/13[sat] 16:00-18:00 ※finished

Installation Day: open to public

3/20[sat] &4/10[sat] 13:00-19:00

Closing Events

4/25 (sun)
13:00-16:00 Workshop "Let's make real croquettes at a fake meatshop!"
( *reservation required.)
17:00- Performance event "Meat Bargain Market"

Participating Creator