Meet the Japanese Contemporary Musician Vol.6 Ken'ichi Nakagawa×Sound×Art×Performance Part2


Meet the Japanese Contemporary Musician Vol.6 Ken'ichi Nakagawa×Sound×Art×Performance Part2



TitleMeet the Japanese Contemporary Musician Vol.6 Ken'ichi Nakagawa×Sound×Art×Performance Part2
Date2012.1.30(Mon) - 2012.1.31(Tue)
AdmissionTicket:Adults: 2,000JPY, Student: 1,600JPY (Free Seating/Reservations required/Payment at the reception desk.)
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Asahi Beer Arts Foundation
VenueTokyo Wonder Site Shibuya (Day time) / Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence (Night time)
After 3.11. Pray ? John Cage 《Sonatas and Interludes》

Tokyo Experimental Festival will be finally closed with the biggest night - John Cage All Night!
Ken'ichi Nakagawa, a passionate contemporary pianist challenges 70mins x 11 times performance of "Sonatas and Interludes", milestone of the Cage's piece for prepared piano through 24 hours. Toshi Ichiyanagi who used to work with John Cage plays piano along with the "alternating recitation" by Minoru Hatanaka & Yuji Numano as well as a treasured video, filmed in Cage's house by Takahiko Iimura. Takahiro Tomatsu gives "fighting bodies' session" with a jazz pianist, Yosuke Yamashita. And guitar solo by Yoshihide Otomo, a charismatic talent of sound and noise etc. Brilliant musicians and artists will offer concert, performance, talk, dance and installation through the 24 hours! You also have a time for "tuning your ear" while you walk from TWS Shibuya to TWS Aoyama and get ready for more intense performances. Do not miss the truly experimental time and space, coming and going between TWS Shibuya and TWS Aoyama!

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Ticket Information

Date: From January 30(Mon), 2012 13:00(Doors Open 12:30) to 31 (Tue) 13:00
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya (Day time) / Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence (Night time)  

Participated musicians and artists:
Ken'ichi Nakagawa (Pianist, Conductor/Japan)
Yu Araki (Artist/Japan)
Alexandra Cardenas (Composer/Mexico)
Takahiko Iimura (Artist/Japan)
Toshi Ichiyanagi (Pianist, Composer/Japan)
Noritaka Ito (Pianist/Japan)
Yoshihide Otomo (Musician/Japan)
Masayuki Kawai & Ryota Hamasaki (Artists/Japan)
Noriyuki Kiguchi (Stage director/Japan)
Ryusuke Kido (Artist/Japan)
Daisuke Kinoshita (Flutist/Japan)
KATHY (Performance group/Japan)
Ensemble for Experimental Music and Theater (Performance group/Japan)
Yuichiro Tamura (Artist/Japan)
TEAM Makopuri (Artists group/Japan)
Takahiro Tomatsu (Fighter, Performer/Japan)
Daisuke Nagaoka & Chikara Matsumoto (Artists/Japan)
Yuji Numano (Musicologist, Associate Professor at Toho Gakuen School of Music/Japan)
Minoru Hatanaka (NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] Senior curator/Japan)
Matthias Wermke & Mischa Leinkauf (Artists/ Germany)
mamoru (Sound artist/Japan) Yosuke Yamashita (Jazz pianist/Japan)
Tomoko Yoneda (Photographer/Japan)
8gg [Fu Yu & Jia Haiqing] (Artists/China)


 January 30 (Mon) 13:00-22:00 Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya (22:00-23:00 Move to TWS Aoyama)
30 (Mon) 23:00-31 (Tue) 8:00 Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama. (*Please see below )(8:00~9:00 Move to TWS Shibuya)
31 (Tue) 9:00~13:00 Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya

*Please note the starting time of "TEAM Makopuri: Live Event" has changed to 19:30.
With the 24hour finale of Tokyo Experimental Festival, Ken'ichi Nakagawa challenges the rule of concerts; it has to be held at a certain time in a certain location, but he will let us choose when & where we enjoy the music. Feel free to experience them in your own way !!

Please write the following details with the title "January 30-31 Ticket" and send through Email or FAX.
1. Name / 2. Phone number / 3.Staying time (approx. 00:00-00:00) / 4. Number of tickets
Email: / FAX: 03-5766-3742

*Important Notice
Please resister for the mid-night program (30 (Mon.) 23:00-31(Tue.) 8:00) at the reception in TWS Shibuya by 22:00 on 30 (Mon.) We are afraid that audiences are not allowed to enter / re-enter TWS Aoyama:Creator-in-Residence after 23:00, although they are free to leave anytime.


Meet the Japanese Contemporary Musician Vol.6 Ken'ichi Nakagawa×Sound×Art×Performance Part 1
After 3.11. Symbol of Peace?Bird? Olivier Messiaen《Catalogue d'Oiseaux》

Long-awaited project comes true! Olivier Messiaen's huge piece of "Catalogue d'Oiseaux" will be played whole part, and between each music, many creators will give their performances. Is it "Music" or "Bird"? Soul of the sound will have been appeared in this unique project ! for the details of this concert, visit here

Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) hosts an annual sound festival which presents truly experimental projects. This year, from all over the world, many next-generation artists who keep on seeking new expression will be gathered to Tokyo. Under the unprecedented disaster, the Great East Japan Earthquake, what kind of direction should Tokyo, and indeed Japan as a whole, take in the future? What are the "experiments" that are truly required right now ? 24 projects will be given by the participants who are selected from an open application process, award winners and invited artists. In addition, Ensemble Modern & TWS Academy and Ken'ichi Nakagawa's performances will be held at the same time. for the details of the Festival, visit here