upDate 2011111111111s


upDate 2011111111111s

Emerging Artist Support Program 2012


280_1F_2.jpg Mirak Jamal & Nine Yamamoto-Masson, Gestures. 2012, HD video


TitleupDate 2011111111111s Emerging Artist Support Program 2012
2012.12.1(Sat) - 2013.1.14(Mon)
11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
TWS Hongo

The program inviting young exhibition organizers to apply with concrete plans for art shows.

We call for exhibition proposals from artists planning exhibitions with their own participation and aspiring planners (curators) . Selected projects will receive support from Tokyo Wonder Site, to be put into practice in the form of exhibitions at TWS Hongo.

The world is presently standing at a significant turning point, whereas we in our role as initiators in the realm of art and culture need to redefine our mission, and review the meaning of hosting exhibitions. It is a phase of fundamental reconsideration of all kinds of things and events we used to take for granted without much reflection. One notable recent trend is a shift in the perception of art, regarding artworks no longer as mere objects, but looking for a new definition of art in the pursuit of reality through creative acts and processes. The 2012 edition, the 7th in this series, aims to readdress the questions, "What kinds of location and experimentation are really needed now? And what should an exhibition as a public event be like?"

This year an extra award from the curation seminar is given to one proposal in addition to the three selected winners.     

Selected Exhibition

upDate 2011111111111s

Organizer: Mirak Jamal and Nine Yamamoto-Masson

From the lleca to the cohue: Photography in penitentiary centers 

Organizer: Helena Acosta

But Fresh 

Organizer: Hiroyuki Yoshizawa

Extra Award from the curation seminar

TOC [toasters city / country / cosmos] 

Organizer: Kana Takahashi

upDate 2011111111111s

Fast forward to 2012, and what we had absorbed from our mediated surroundings last year has since diverged into complexities and the unresolved oblivions of now. With the omnipresence of 2011 persisting, a perspective is called with which to draw its ghosts to the here and now.
It was at the scratch of last year, with events like the Arab Spring, the Japanese triple disaster and Wikileaks, when artists were first contacted by Nine Yamamoto-Masson and Mirak Jamal to propose pieces in an environment of formidable media dynamics. Debuting a year later, a selection of these predominantly new works is placed in their specific connectedness to the framework; a problematic of exposing/reflecting/documenting a year, or a particular event. As such, the exhibition allows for a media-to-artwork asynchronism that raises the question of how to delegate an event. 

20111111111111111s is pronounced "two thousand elevens". It is an exhibition platform set in theme to the year 2011, and inspired by its many towering events and untold accounts captured through a complex of perspectives. The cacophony that dominated the headlines of last year was transmitted through the many channels of mainstream media and social networks. Within the constraint of a unified space and as a counterpoint to the lifespan of a news story, the assemblage of works in the exhibition aim to trigger responses that communicate tangible and virtual experiences, immediate or distant realities of that year. 2011 will thereto be mirrored in fragments, where the gaze of the inceptor (the artist) is carried out in condensation towards object-pieces and media works. The artworks function as mementos that trigger points of (re-)discovery in which to connect a bygone time to our mendable present. 

 Participating Artists:Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, Melanie Bonajo, Georg Reinhardt, Beny Wagner, Mirak Jamal & Nine Yamamoto-Masson, Justin Williams, Niko Princen, Shunsuke François Nanjo, Pop-up café(Asako Iwama, Yoshiko Morita, Ohba Seji, Yamashiro Yayoi)

Related Event

Discussion event with Pop-up café "Who we are? Who you are?"

Date: December 8(Sat) 14:00-16:00
Venue: Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo Participating
Artists: Pop-up café (Yoshiko Morita, Ohba Seji, Yamashiro Yayoi, Asako Iwama) and more.
Asako Iwama from Pop-up café and Mr. Hirota who used to live in Futabamachi works for making dialog among people after 3.11 are going to attend by skype.

Discussion event will be held on the theme of Pop-up café artwork in the exhibition, concrete problems in Futabamachi, Fukushima prefecture, the limbo this displaced population are in, how to take concrete measures to improve their situation, how art and artists can act.

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Talk Event "upDate 2011111111111s"

Date: December 11(Tue) 19:00-
Venue: Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Raum 207
Organizer: Goethe-Institut Tokyo
Participating Artists: Mirak Jamal, Nine Yamamoto-Masson

Two artist-curators, Mirak Jamal, Nine Yamamoto-Masson will discuss the ontology of the project and open its genesis and context to the panel and the audience. Points of interest will be the question of how to delegate an event; how art can participate in a debate about major geopolitical shifts; how art acts as a vector to connect local contexts to a global scale; how an artwork calls the recent past to our present and projects into the future.

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Participating Creator