TWS-Emerging 192/193/194/195


TWS-Emerging 192/193/194/195

192 Hitoshi Kimura / 193 Hikari Miyamoto / 194 Yui Samejima / 195 Miho Masaki



TitleTWS-Emerging 192/193/194/195
192 Hitoshi Kimura / 193 Hikari Miyamoto / 194 Yui Samejima / 195 Miho Masaki
Date2013.5.11(Sat) - 2013.6.2(Sun)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Arts and Space (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
VenueTWS Hongo
Hitoshi Kimura, Hikari Miyamoto, Yui Samejima, Miho Masaki
Ever since its opening in 2001, Tokyo Wonder Site has undertaken a wide range of programs to support and foster young artists. One such program, TWS-Emerging, is associated with the open call exhibition, Tokyo Wonder Wall, which has been providing talented young artists with a gateway to success. Each year 100 people are selected from about a thousand applicants, and their works are displayed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. A further process then selects 14 of those 100 for the opportunity to show their works to the wider public at the gallery in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

TWS-Emerging invites the same 100 artists to participate in another exhibition, and those chosen are put on display at Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo. For this year, 20 young artists were picked to show their works. Not only does each of the selected artists have their own individual exhibition, they are also invited to participate in a number of programs at TWS to raise their profiles and expand their activities. They are eligible to exhibit their works in the TEAM program at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya for example or take part in residency programs at Tokyo Wonder Site Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence as well as overseas residencies under TWS's international exchange programs.

192 Hitoshi Kimura
[Since there must be that I do not know if I'm not here, I decided to stay. What seem to you, do not know if you do not come to see.]

≪b1-02≫ 2012 panel, gouache, ink, paper

193 Hikari Miyamoto
[He begins to make all the meanings. Under the sky so blue. She will not let you go anymore.]

≪Wet flower garden / the structure of the novel≫ 2012 canvas, oil, acrylic

194 Yui Samejima
[pipe dream]

≪A doll engineer's brain≫ 2013 panel, acrylic

195 Miho Masaki
[Ordinary rooms]

≪blanket & ribbon≫ 2012 canvas, charcoal, oil paint, glue

Related Event

5.11 (Sat)
15:30-17:00 Artist Talk
*Japanese only
Guest: Chie Sumiyoshi (Art Producer, Writer)
17:00-19:00 Reception

Participating Creator

Hitoshi Kimura