TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.8 ― TEF Sound Installation First Term


TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.8 ― TEF Sound Installation First Term



TitleTOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.8 ― TEF Sound Installation First Term  
Date2013.9.28(Sat) - 2013.10.20(Sun)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
VenueTWS Hongo
Daisuke Kuroda, Andrea Santini, Syo Yoshihama

TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL (TEF) is a sound festival hosting a number of experimental performances and exhibitions in Tokyo, a city where new cultures and are always generated and various cultures intercross. TEF Sound Installation in TWS Hongo introduces a series of sound installation exhibitions by artists whose approaches to the sound are different from one another. It consists of nine exhibitions, three projects at a time. In addition, there is a three-day exhibition, Gustavo Ciríaco's "A room of wonder | Tokyo", held at TWS Shibuya.

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First Term : September 28 (Sat) - October 20 (Sun)

Daisuke Kuroda "YAMA ARI TANI ARI ―Peaks and Valleys"

I connect two distant locations with a straight line and set points at regular intervals. I convert the altitudes of these points to musical notes and compose a score. The music is sung with the phrase "Peaks and Valleys" by two people, one from each location. Listening to this song, I make a drawing that represents the long distance between the two locations. Simply put, my place and your place are far away from each other, separated by peaks and valleys, but still connected.

Born in Kyoto, 1982. Kuroda earned his PhD at Hiroshima City University with a dissertation on a Japanese sculptor, Heihachi Hashimoto's "Ishi ni tsuite (about stone)." He makes videos and installations that explore historical events. Recent exhibitions include "Tsushima Art Fantasia," and "Hiroshima-O Hiroshima/Fukushima." In addition to his individual projects, Kuroda directs and participates in the artist collective "Team Yameyo."

Andrea Santini "OSCILLA"

OSCILLA is an interactive audiovisual installation that explores the oscillatory roots of sound and its visualisation. OSCILLA's projected 'reactive' surface is scalable in size, allowing for a variety of intuitive physical interaction paradigms whereby the position and movement of people in space or that of objects along a surface controls the amplitude and frequency of multiple sine wave generators. A graphic plot of the relationship between the generated sounds gives life to real-time animated 'sound paintings'. Sounds are additionally diffused by means of multiple speakers to form variable sound geometries and spatially distributed harmonic structures within the installation space. Participants can thus create morphing chords and harmonies, explore unusual microtonal intervals and beat frequencies and discover the fascinating connection between sound and its graphic representation.

Andrea Santini is a creative artist, lecturer and researcher operating in the fields of electroacoustic music, live-electronics, sound art, new media, theatre and audiovisual interaction. He has recently completed a DEL-funded PhD project on spatial audio and live-electronics at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (Queen's University, Belfast) focusing on the spatial music of Venetian composer Luigi Nono. Since late 2011 he has been working as a lecturer and campus academic coordinator at SAE Institute Ljubljana. Andrea is co-founder and technical director of creative research group UBIKteatro (Venice).


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Syo Yoshihama "A song of the origin"

I noticed that most people around me took behaviors to get back their natural states. I created this series of works to listen to the voices from those behaviors. This series of works itself also takes action to go back to nature, listening to those voices. "Natural state" should be different according to each place and person, but most people seem to seek for mother there.

Artist Talk by Syo Yoshihama
Date: 10.19 (Sat) 19:30-
Guest: Minoru Hatanaka (Senior Curator, ICC.), Seiichi Tsuchiya (Art critic)
*Admission Free / Japanese only

Born in Okinawa in 1985. Graduated from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts in 2010. Yoshihama takes various forms in his works, such as painting, photography, sound installation and performance, and his works let us aware of far sounds and small sounds that are not consciously heard in our everyday life. He was dispatched to Barcelona from TWS for Exchange Residency Program in 2012.

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9.28 (Sat) 16:00-
*Japanese only Guest : Atsushi Sugita (Art Critic / Professor, Joshibi University of Art and Design )

Participating Creator

KURODA Daisuke