Pauchi Sasaki "GAMA VI"


Pauchi Sasaki "GAMA VI"

TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.8 ― TEF Performance *Open call Program




TitlePauchi Sasaki "GAMA VI" TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.8 ― TEF Performance *Open call Program
1,200 yen *Reservation required
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
SupportGoethe-Institut Tokyo, Polish Institute Tokyo
TWS Shibuya

GAMA VI is a solo multimedia performance. GAMA is a three-years-long work in progress started in early 2012 and it focuses on the exploration of the concept of expansion though the development of interactive music instruments. Conceptually, I recognize interconnectivity as the main dynamic happening in all attempts of expansion. I work with poetic images from nature linked to the activity of connection and then I relate them to sound parameters. For example: currents generate movement, connections and great flow of information. In this case tide´s density, force and speed share analogous parameters with sonic masses and these similarities inspire my compositions for both electronics and acoustic instruments.

Support:Asociación Cultural Peruano Británica

Ticket Information

October 27 (Sun), 2013| 19:00-* Door opens 20 minutes before the performance starts.

[Booking Now Closed]
Standing seats in each performance are available without reseravation. (Limited number only) Please visit venue 20 minutes before the performance starts.  

Booking for TEF Performance is accepted by E-mail and Fax. Please inform us of your name, phone number, date/ time/ name of the performance, and number of tickets with the caption "Booking for TEF performance" in the subject line.

Fax: +81-(0)3-5766-3742

*Booking of each performance will be closed by 17:00 on the day before the performance or as soon as the seats are fully reserved.
*Payment should be made at the venue on the day of performance.


Pauchi Sasaki
:Peruvian-Japanese Pauchi Sasaki weaves styles and disciplines in her creative process. Her work reflects a great interest for interdisciplinary research that induces the interaction between artwork, space and audience. She collaborates actively with projects linked to dance, film, theater, installation and multimedia performances. As a performer and composer, she has been invited to several festivals in Peru, USA, Japan, Spain, Chile and Swiss. Pauchi was awarded with two "Best Original Music" awards from the XV International Latinoamerican Film Festival of Lima and the National Film Council of Peru.
Guest Dancer



 Asuka Itagaki  (photo: Koji Iijima)

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Kinya Tsuruyama(ZULU)


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