Dudu Tsuda "Le Temps Suspendu"


Dudu Tsuda "Le Temps Suspendu"

TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.8 ― TEF Performance *Open Program


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TitleDudu Tsuda "Le Temps Suspendu"
Admission1,000 yen *Reservation required
OrganizeTokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Polish Institute Tokyo
VenueTWS Shibuya

Immersive quadriphonic sound performance that deals with sound images that creates a sensation of a suspended time, when time seems to stop and everything seems static and somehow nostalgic. In Le Temps Suspendu, sounds are edited and spatialized in realtime and a piano is played live, creating a dense and at same time silent atmosphere. The contrast between the acoustic sounds of the piano presented in minimalist melodies and stationary harmony fields with the manipulated sounds makes the enviroment even more intimist.
The sounds recorded are situations that the artist experienced with his digital sound recorder in his residency program in Paris, his trips to London, Berlin and several cities in Portugal and in his home town, São Paulo. Situations that make us travel to old times, when people used to stand in front of a garden, or walk through a market, or simply listen to a vynil record, a time of contemplation and silence.

Ticket Information

December 1 (Sun), 2013| 19:00-
* Door opens 30 minutes before the performance starts.

[Booking Closed]
Day of perfomance tickets will be available from 18:30.
Please visit reception desk and wait in a que until 5 minutes before peformance starts.

Booking for TEF Performance is accepted by E-mail and Fax. Please inform us of your name, phone number, date/ time/ name of the performance, and number of tickets with the caption "Booking for TEF performance" in the subject line.

E-mail:  tef2013@tokyo-ws.org
Fax: +81-(0)3-5766-3742

*Booking of each performance will be closed by 17:00 on the day before the performance or as soon as the seats are fully reserved.
*Payment should be made at the venue on the day of performance.


Dudu Tsuda

Dudu Tsuda is multimedia artist, sound artist, musician, composer, perfomer, music producer, jornalist and professor. Undergraduate in Communication and Multimedia at and studies his masters in Sound Art and Space at Catholic University São Paulo (PUC/SP). He has been nominated to the Sergio Motta Institute Award 2009. He was laureate of the Residency Program Institut Français and Ville de Paris "International Résidence aux Recollets" (Paris/France 2012) and Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris (Paris/France 2013). He creates interactive installations; Kafkanian Printers - Mostra SESC de Artes 2012, Invisible Memories - [ F.A.q. 2]- Sesc Ipiranga 2008, Symphony for Open spaces - Opus no 08 - Festival de Arte Serrinha 2009 e Mostra Individual SESC Ipiranga 2010, Volume - 2+6 Galeria do Meio 2010. He is an integrant of the multimidia group Telemusik in collaboration with Marcus Bastos, Richard Ribeiro and Karina Montenegro. The group has created three spetacles, Ausências i-viii, Fluxus and Objects and has realized several presentations. He has solo project named , an audiovisual spetacle that gathers pop and orchestral arrangements with eletroacoustic textures, and a geometric videoart concept.

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