Riki Takeda "Dear myself who could not be 'Us'"


Riki Takeda "Dear myself who could not be 'Us'"

TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.9 ―Performance [Open Call Program]


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TitleRiki Takeda "Dear myself who could not be 'Us'"
TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL Vol.9 ―Performance [Open Call Program]
Admission1000 yen
OrganizeTokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
VenueRyogoku Monten Hall
ArtistRiki Takeda

In this work, participants critically and figuratively experience online communications by wearing cardboard boxes connected together like string telephones. Participants cannot know the speaker as their faces are covered with the boxes. When transmitting words to unseen receivers from the dark in the box, what kind of "yourself" will you talk about? And how will you feel when you see the "web" again after taking off the box? 

*Participatory/ Number of participants in each performance is limited to 15.
Cooperation: Houn-ji Temple (Kyoto)

Ticket Information

Date: November 2 (Sun) Finished
Start: 13:00 (Doors Open: 12:30)/ 18:00 (Doors Open: 17:30)
*Duration 120 mins (incl. post-performance talk)
Ticket: 3000 yen

Additional ticket information

ditional ticket for standing will be sold on Nov. 2.

Please visit reception desk and receive number card from 1 hour before each performance. TWS let you enter the venue in numerical order from 5 minutes before the performance starts.
Please note that number of additional ticket is very limited and there is a possibility that you can't enter the venue even though you have a number card.
For more information, please contact: ticket@tokyo-ws.org


1. Booking should be made by E-mail or Fax.
2. Please inform us of your name, phone number, date/time/name of the performance and number of tickets with a subject of "Booking for TEF Performance".
3. Payment should be made at the venue on the day of performance.
4. Booking will be closed by 17:00 of the day before each performance, or as soon as the seats are fully booked. For the latest ticket information, please check this page.

*Please note that program content may change due to inevitable reasons.


Having left his job as a kindergarten teacher, Riki Takeda started participating in a theater company, Chelfich as an actor. Since then, he has also been appearing on multiple stages both in Japan and overseas. Apart from the company, Takeda also played in Norimizu Ameya's "4.48 Psychosis", and collaborated with Kaku Nagashima for "The House of Atreus Project". While working on "Dear myself who could not be 'Us'", he also has an ongoing 'theatrical' project which aims at deconstructing Japan by relativizing "education" in several Asian cities.

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