Jaime Ibanez "The contemporary Primitive animation"


Jaime Ibanez "The contemporary Primitive animation"

-OPEN SITE 2016-2017 Project A <Open Call Program>




TitleJaime Ibanez "The contemporary Primitive animation"
-OPEN SITE 2016-2017 Project A <Open Call Program>
Date2016.11.3(Thu) - 2016.11.6(Sun)
AdmissionWorkshop: Free
Presentation: 500 yen 
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture, Tokyo Wonder Site
Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo
ArtistJaime Ibanez 
What is a Primitive animation? A storytelling machine, made from a typewriter or another utility, wood or rope and other simple materials. Theatre maker and visual artist Jaime Ibanez translates his stories into primitive form of animation. A primitive animation is also exploring new ways of how a story can be told, this results in a collaboration between image, performance, film and music is expressed in. In workshop, participants will join to make their own primitive animation and will present their works by performing/ screening a short primitive animation.


Jaime Ibanez
Graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Minerva Academie (The Netherlands) in 2007 and currently works as an artist and performer in Groningen. His work can be described as experiments in storytelling, showing the different layers of a story, the emotions of characters, objects, the scenery, the soundscape. His work is intuitive and playful, combining theatrical performance, installations, and short movies.

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November 3 (Thu), 2016 | 13:00-18:00
Novembe 5 (Sat), 2016 | 13:00-18:00
November 6 (Sun), 2016 | 11:00-14:00

Details for the workshop will be updated on this page soon.
Participation into the workshop is free for charge.


Date: November 6 (Sun), 2016
Start: 16:00 (Doors open 15:30)
Venue: TWS Hongo T
icket: 500 yen

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