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A choreographic installation by Simo KELLOKUMPU              in collaboration with Vincent ROUMAGNAC and Nao Yazawa


A choreographic installation by Simo KELLOKUMPU in collaboration with Vincent ROUMAGNAC and Nao Yazawa
Date2018.12.7(Fri) - 2018.12.22(Sat)
Time11:00 - 19:00
Organize Tokyo Arts and Space (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
CooperationThe Finnish Cultural Foundation, HIAP (Helsinki International Artist Programme), Arts Promotion Centre Finland
VenueTokyo Arts and Space Residency
ArtistSimo KELLOKUMPU (Finland)
Vincent ROUMAGNAC (Finland, France)
Nao Yazawa (Japan)
ContentChoreographer Simo Kellokumpu presents the final outcome of his project pompom, which was carried out in Tokyo Arts and Space Residency from September to November 2017 (Tokyo-Helsinki Exchange Residency Program). pompom is a work in collaboration with two other artists: French theater-artist Vincent Roumagnac, and Japanese manga-artist Nao Yazawa. The project is based on the questions of Kellokumpu's current artistic practice and doctoral artistic research project Choreography As a Reading Practice. pompom examines the choreographic embodiment of the relations in between movement, place, and material surrounding in the frameworks of hyper-mobile Tokyo, in contextual dialogue with Japanese art of manga.

<Performance by Simo Kellokumpu>
Date: 12/14 (Fri), 15 (Sat), 21 (Fri), 22 (Sat) 14:00-14:30, 17:00-17:30

Art Nao Yazawa /Concept Simo Kellokumpu, Vincent Roumagnac



Finnish artist, choreographer and a doctorate candidate in the Performing Arts Research Centre/University of the Arts Helsinki. His work moves in between choreography, performance, video and installation, and is informed by contemporary science-fiction and interplanetary culture. His current doctoral project is titled Choreography as Reading Practice.


French-Basque artist based in Paris and Helsinki. His practice is research-based and transdisciplinary including performance, video and installation. Through multi-media installations his artistic research looks into the relationship between scenic thinking and time ecology. He is currently conducting a doctorate, entitled Deepening the Stage, at the Performing Arts Research Centre/University of the Arts of Helsinki.

Nao Yazawa

Japanese manga-artist based in Kawasaki. She won Fujikofujio Award in 1987 and started her career with Corocoro-comic, PyonPyon and Ciao magazines. Her most notable series is Wedding Peach (1994 - 1996, Concept by Tomita Sukehiro), which was made into an anime series and was published worldwide. She is also known for Nozomi (2003), Mizuki (2010) and Shinku Chitai/The Isolated Zone (1988 - 2011). She has given many workshops in Europe and US and currently teaches Manga in English at Manga School Nakano.


Participating Creator