y/n "Sex / Work / Art"


y/n "Sex / Work / Art"

OPEN SITE 5 | Open Call Program【Performance】

Photo:Yamahata Takuya

"Coming Out Lesson" 2020

"Coming Out Lesson" 2020 

Both actors and sex workers have jobs that entail communicating with customers/audiences through their bodies. Another similarity between the two professions lies in the role of financial transactions, but both tend to have their status as “work” overlooked. What is the counter value that people pay for? This lecture and performance re-examines ideas of “proper” relationships between “us” as we share spaces, through the similarities and differences between these two occupations that have historically overlapped.

2021/2/5 (Fri) 19:00 - 
2021/2/6 (Sat) 14:00 -, 19:00 -  
2021/2/7 (Sun) 14:00 -
* Door opens 30 minutes prior to the performance.
★Performance time: about 50 minutes. Talk will be held after each performance.
Ticket A: 3,000 yen |  Ticket B: 2,000 yen
There is no difference on both tickets except the price. 
Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo Space C (3F)
Conceived and Directed byy/n
PerformerHASHIMOTO Kiyoshi

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Formed in 2019. y/n is a unit composed of director/actor Hashimoto Kiyoshi and critic and dramaturg Yamazaki Kenta. They carry out performance-focused projects based on research and documentation.

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