Waiting for the Wind

Tokyo Contemporary Art Award

Waiting for the Wind

Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2021-2023 Exhibition

Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) has been presenting the Tokyo Contemporary Art Award (TCAA) to mid-career artists in Japan since 2018. Two winners are selected for each award, and in the final year of a multi-year program of support provided to the artists, an award exhibition is held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.

This exhibition featuring Shiga Lieko and Takeuchi Kota, winners of the third TCAA, is titled Waiting for the Wind. This term emerged from dialogue between Shiga and Takeuchi that began at the award ceremony, and could be described as the only collaboration between the two artists featured in the exhibition, as well as an invocation of inner realms of the human experience. Shiga reinterprets a colossal wave of restoration projects in diverse fields, which suddenly began after the March 2011 disaster, in terms of the basic human activity of walking, while Takeuchi presents new work based on his historical research into balloon bombs (a weapon used during World War II), conveying a “chain of possession” connecting past events, artists, and viewers. The works of these two artists, who are based in Miyagi and Fukushima―both of which suffered devastating and lasting damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake―take different creative directions, but they share a common understanding found through dialogue, and the exhibition layout is such that their works interact and resonate in some parts of the venue.

*The exhibition is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.


Waiting for the Wind
Tokyo Contemporary Art Award 2021-2023 Exhibition
Exhibition Period     2023/3/18 (Sat)- 6/18 (Sun)
VenueMuseum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Exhibition Gallery 3F (4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo)
ArtistsSHIGA Lieko, TAKEUCHI Kota
Organizers Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Tokyo Arts and Space / Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo of the Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
TCAA website       https://www.tokyocontemporaryartaward.jp/en/

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Artists' Talk
Date2023/3/19 (Sun) 14:00-15:30
ParticipantsSHIGA Lieko, TAKEUCHI Kota, Carol Yinghua LU (Director, Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum / TCAA 2021-2023 Selection Committee)
ModeratorSHIOMI Yuko (Director, Arts Initiative Tokyo / TCAA Selection Secretariat)
B2F Auditorium, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Free  *Reservations required / First-come-first-served basis
LanguageWith Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation
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