Arts Collective “Time Flies Over Us But Leaves Its Shadow Behind”


Arts Collective “Time Flies Over Us But Leaves Its Shadow Behind”

OPEN SITE 8 | Open Call Program【Exhibition】

Moving image as a genre in the contemporary art context is as an expansion of cinema that brought film away from traditional cinemas to sites of galleries and art museums. Artists utilized various means to change the way how the time flows in their works without the limitation of the need to be real. This new freedom grants a new and different approach to observe and present space in art works. “Time Files Over Us But Leaves Its Shadow Behind” has moving image works by Asian artists that use time as a medium to show their observation of spaces and places, focusing on various locales around Asia.

2023/11/25 (Sat) - 12/24 (Sun)
VenueTokyo Arts and Space Hongo: Space B (2F)
CuratorsAndré CHAN, Chin-Yin CHONG
ArtistsCHANG Ting-Tong, Mark CHUNG, KO Sin Tung, PENG Yi-Hsuan, TING Min-Wei
National Culture and Arts Foundation

Mark CHUNG Deadend #1  2021
Photo: South Ho

CHANG Ting-Tong  Soap  2020

KO Sin Tung   Every Unit  2017

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Curator's Tour

*This event is changed to online talk.

Date12/23 (Sat) 15:00-
CuratorsAndré CHAN, Chin-Yin CHONG
SpeakersOSAKA Koichiro (ASAKUSA), Peng Yi-Hsuen
RegisterPlease register via the booking form here. URL will be informed in the reply message.
Also, the online talk will be shown at TOKAS Hongo lounge room.


Founded by two curators André Chan and Chin-Yin Chong in 2018, Arts Collective is a curating platform based in Hong Kong. Its practice resides in the intersection of contemporary art and other cultural influences. Arts Collective is committed to synergizing cross-disciplinary dialogues and facilitating exchanges within and outside of Hong Kong through research, networking and collaboration.

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