NOMURA Zai “Can’t Remember I Forgot You”


NOMURA Zai “Can’t Remember I Forgot You”

OPEN SITE 8 | Open Call Program【Exhibition】

At some point in the future, data of humans during their lifetime are endlessly recycled by way of AI, so that the data remain alive even after people’s death. They are increasingly unable to remember things that we have forgotten, or that have fallen into oblivion. While standing up the memories sculpturally engraved in the photographs and expressing lost memories as material bodies, the work blurs the boundary between memories and records, to discuss matters and forms of existence, memory and death in the present age.

2024/1/13(Sat) - 2/11 (Sun)
VenueTokyo Arts and Space Hongo: Space A (1F)
Production Cooperation
Kanro Inc.
Maruyama Factory

Soul Reclaim Device (“A portrait of my departed sister”)  2018

Ontological Biophoton (Three Daughters in a garden 1962)

Louis  2020-2021

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Date2/4 (Sun) 18:00-
GuestHORIE Toshiyuki (Writer)
Born in Gifu in 1964.

Major Prizes: Mishima Yukio Prize for "Oparavan" in 1999, Akutagawa Prize for Kuma no shikiishi (The Bear And The Paving Stone, 熊の敷石) in 2001, Tanizaki Prize for Yukinuma to sono shūhen (Yukinuma and Its Environs, 雪沼とその周辺) in 2004, etc.
Major books:  Kōgai e (郊外へ, "To the Suburbs"), 1995,  Shigosen wo motomete (子午線を求めて, "In Search of the Meridian"), 2000 Kakareru te (書かれる手, "The Hand Which is Written"), 2000 Kuma no shikiishi (熊の敷石, "The Bear and the Paving Stone"), etc. 
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Performances will be held on Saturdays and Sundays during the exhibition period.
Admission free/ no booking required.

Date: 2024/1/13 (Sat)*, 1/14 (Sun), 1/20 (Sat), 1/21 (Sun), 1/27 (Sat), 1/28 (Sun), 2/3 (Sat), 2/4 (Sun)*, 2/10 (Sat), 2/11 (Sun)
Time: 12:00 - 19:00 (Performers may be absent a while during the performance hours.)

Please note that the performance will not be conducted sometime on 1/13 and 2/4, due to the talk events held in the exhibition space. 


Born in 1979. Lives and works in Kobe and New York. Motivated by earthquakes and the death of a family member to explore the annihilation of matter, including the body, he attempts to expose the essence of existence using a variety of media.

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