MeeNa Park

Residency Program

Exchange Residency Program
(Creators from abroad)

MeeNa Park

Participating ProjectExchange Residency Program (Creators from abroad)
Activity BasedKorea
Period2009.1 - 2009.3
Purpose of the residency

Japan, especially Tokyo seems to be a place full of informational images such as magazines, 'manga' culture, signboards, labels of products, and many others. I want to explore those different types cultural signs and informational images. For eight years that I have been working in Seoul, I was creating works and didn't have much time to fully explore and experiments for the sake of experiments. I hope these three months will give me the time for myself to fine out new inspirations.

Plan during the residency

Exchange Residency Program 2008, Invitation (Seoul)
The research is going to show patchwork of my ideas and thought-patterns. And scatter images will include my own photographs, advertisements, comic books, didactic manuals, technological instruction books and other cultural informational magazines.

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