Raquel Ormella

Residency Program

International Creator Residency Program

update: 2019.11.27

Raquel Ormella

Participating ProjectInternational Creator Residency Program
Activity BasedAustralia
Period2010.1 - 2010.3
Purpose of the residency

I am interested in observing the ways that Japanese culture constructs nature and how it deals with urban environments. In particular I am interested in observing interactions with urban creatures, especially birds, and am interested in finding ways to represent these interactions. I want to connect with environmental organizations, and neighbourhood groups who observe, study and care for birds. These observations will be used to make new work which questions Australian attitudes to the environment, as well as depicting the situation in Tokyo.

Plan during the residency

OPEN STUDIO 2009 I will visit Oi Yacho Koen, (Tokyo Port Bird Park), Takao-san and other popular bird watching sites around Tokyo and make field recording of these sites that include human as well as bird sounds. I will also photograph these spaces and work these images into drawings. I hope between these two different ways of representing space, a sense of wonder at the complexity of the relationship between humans and other animals will evolve.

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