Zun Ei Phyu

Residency Program

Other (Residency Program)

update: 2019.11.7

Zun Ei Phyu

Participating ProjectJENESYS Programme
Activity BasedMyanmar
Period2012.5- 2012.7 
Plan during the residency

I want to get experiences and want to exchange art and culture with other participants. I hope to share and present my art works and want to get feedback and critics upon my works. I also want to get knowledge and experience from Japanese art and craft. From this program, I want to interact with many people from different fields of art and want to participate in some of the activities and workshop.

Plan during the residency
I am planning to show my art works of painting and paper art installation with many influence of Myanmar tradition. Also plan to make art work by the experience getting from Japan. I plan to make performance about Myanmar people belief about life circle and Nivanna.

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